JETZ - Digital Tracking of COVID Patients

Problem Statement
1. Client was maintaining COVID patience in Microsoft Excel sheet and it was difficult to assign PCR testing based on the government rules
2. PCR testing team was finding it difficult to get the COVID patient details and was not able to keep track of the completed patient list
3. PCR testing team was finding it difficult to update their status as it involves a bigger process to connect with the call center team to update the status
4. Manager was not able to see the status of whether the day’s task is completed or not as it involved a lot of manually intervention
5. Security of the patient details was shared in multiple platform which made the data security very weak
6. Not all the staff in the healthcare was able to operate/follow the sheet as it was set up in a very complex way
Digital Tracking of COVID Patients








1. We build an online customer application where each user role was defined to get to do their task easily
2. UI/UX of the application was made really easy so that all the staffs were able to use the application with minimal training that it does not require code change this application with few dynamic changes that the admin can make right in the application so for every small rule change.
3. Based on the government rule we have a custom build.
4. Role based action.
     1. Register/Call center user - will register the patient details
     2. Manager - Will allocate each patient to PCR test team based on the PCR test date which will be automatically created based on the government rule. And the manager can reallocate PCR test to a different team and can also view the status of each team’s task
     3. PCR Test Team - Will be able to see the list of patients that needs PCR test and they can see the patient details and once done they can update the status right from the mobile device
5. We build the application with both front end and backend security features so that basic hack threat was eliminated.
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