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Corsosoft Technologies provides comprehensive and integrated IT Services that includes Software Development, Website Design and Development, Mobile Application Development, Search Engine Marketing as well as Development and Implementation of High Quality Business Domain Applications.The core value of Corsosoft Technologies is to Delivery on time and ensure strict Quality.


What are we good at?

  • Web Design & Development
  • Online Support
  • Best Leadership Ideas
  • Expert Team
  • Offerdable Price
  • Quick Access
  • Pixel Perfect
  • Creativity and Clarity.

Our Process

Listening to Customer's Requirement

Most important phase of a project is requirment gathering. In this phase we will listen to the client's exact requirement.

As a part of requriement gathering we will not just gather that particular requirment, we would get more information from the client on the purpose of this requirement and the exact need of the customer. On getting the bigger picture we will be able to provide effective solution for the client.


Support & Maintainece Phase

Once a project is delivered as per plan we will provide exclusive support and maintaince for a limited peroid as a part of the inital project.

  • Server Monitoring

    Monitor the server for load and security purpose and based on observation main appropriate changes and update the project.

  • Client Feedback

    Listen to client's feedback and provide relavent soltuion for the same or work with the client to fulfil the client's feeback as part of change request.


Planning & Execution Phase

Once the final scope of the solution is drafted and approved from the client.We will start our planning process.

  • Mockup/Wireframes.
  • Choose the appropriate techonology to execute the project.
  • Resource allocation.
  • Basic/Advanced hack preventive measure will be taken care.
  • Process orintented monitoring to make sure the project is excuted as per plan.


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