Custom Software Application

Our core development team have built multiple customer applications to fulfill the customers business needs. With custom applications the client will have a customized solution build just for the customer’s needs.

Custome Software Application
  • Animated Figure
  • Migration & Re-Engineering

Migration & Re-Engineering

We work with customers to alter their existing application and we will have also done reverse engineering to break down an application to come up with customers business needs. We have performed a lot of data migrations from old application to new application.

Microsoft Platform Application

We have separate team who are expert in Microsoft platform such as C++, .Net, SharePoint. We do a lot of maintenance and customization for Microsoft platform application.

Microsoft Platform Application
  • Animated Figure
  • Custom Algorithms

C, C++ - Custom Algorithms

Our experienced team have built a custom algorithms like OCR, Images processing, 3D mapping etc.. Even-though some of the algorithms are available as open source they would not satisfy the client’s needs directly therefore our team have done a lot of customization in the existing open source algorithms.