Google Sheet to Custom Build Application
1. Client maintained their customer details in google sheet where they were not able to access the data with respective to user roles.
2. Collaboration was difficult as the client team has grown.
4. Client was not able to extract meaningful reports.
5. Client did not have a clear picture on the status of the processed data.
Google Sheet to Custom Build Application








1. We build a custom online user role-based application where upon user’s defined roles user will be able to see appropriate data
2. Application was hosted in the client’s intranet so that their staff cannot access the system from anywhere and the data was secured
3. We had also hosted the application online where certain staff where only provided access to the application like the Manager.
4. Provided the client with lot of custom build report so that the client was able to view the status of the processed data.
     1. Summary report - Overall summary of the processed data.
     2. Processing data report - Status of processed data.
     3. Staff wise report - Each staff processing report to know they work load in each day.
     4. Back up Report - Backed up data’s report We have also built a custom backup processing feature where all the old data’s will be back-up in secure system to free up the production server.
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