Problem Statement
1. Booking and delivery status are not transparent tothe business owners.
2. Consignor and Consignee are finding it difficult to get the status of their consignment.
3. Shortage of workforce.
4. E-way bill integration is getting difficult.
5. Report system is not streamlined.
6. IT filling is very difficult.
7. Application is not in their native language.
8. Since this application is built as product the same application has been catered to multiple logistics company and their data are securely maintained.
7. Application supports multiple language based on the logistics companies request.
Logistics Management System

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1. We have built an online solution where consignment booking will be made and the delivery of the same can be tracked in the same application.
2. Booking - UI/UX of the booking is made very easy so that no training is required to the staffs.
3. Loading - Once booking is made staff can assign each booking to vehicle. Upon assigning the vehicle if any consignment had a E-way bill assigned then the vehicle number will be automation updated.
4. Delivery - All the booked consignment will be visible in the appropriate destination stations. Depending on the delivery mode each consignment can be allocated and their delivery status can be updated
5. Search - With the global search staff from any station will be able to view the status of any consignment and inform the customer.
6. Customer Login - Once the customer consignment is booked the customer will be able to see the consignment status right in their dashboard and also, via SMS. Customer can also view the booking history details.